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I recently lost a dear friend and am trying to help her husband find good homes for these gorgeous instruments. Contact me by email if

Traversos: in pristine condition

  1. Folkers and Powell Hotteterre   392
  2. Folkers and Powell Rottenburg 415

Modern Flutes: Excellent Condition

3.Solid Silver Haynes, B and C footjoints, C# trill, offset G #44595

  1. Solid Silver Haynes, B foot, inline G, French Model #49244
  2. 10K Gold Haynes, 14K headjoint, French Model w/ B Foot, Silver Keys, offset G

6.Gemeinhardt flute Serial No. A07862- student model




  1. Haynes Piccolo #47577- Excellent Condition
  2. Armstrong piccolo Serial No. F6614- silver
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