Master Classes, Clinics and Residencies consist of coaching and instruction for ensembles and individual students of all levels. Covering a wide range of topics, these presentations are designed for conservatories, universities, schools, festivals, and community arts organizations using fun, laughter, and play as an important part of the creative process.

The ensemble’s mixed instrumentation, familiarity with many genres, frequent collaboration with composers and innovative concert repertoire allows it to offer a much more diverse and inclusive chamber music experience, with wide ranging instrumentation.

Clinics and Classes offer a creative approach to small ensembles emphasizing and strengthening the following skills:

  • collaborative work ethic
  • leadership skills
  • experiential learning
  • musical awareness and history
  • theatre/acting techniques
  • body awareness/eye contact
  • problem solving skills
  • communication skills
  • technology as a tool
  • managing nerves and adrenaline
  • performance anxiety

Fall 2010- Chamber Music Connection CLV!