The CASE for Chamber Music

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An Adult Chamber Music Workshop with a star studded faculty,in conjunction with ACMP and the Siegal Lifelong Learning Program.


Doppler Coaching Session

Doppler Coaching Session


Amy Beach, Theme and Variations for Flute and String Quartet with Peter Salaff


Dohnanyi Quintet No. 1


Brahms Piano Quartet


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“Great art picks up where nature ends.”

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More than a music teacher…

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Image 5 (3)Image 3 (1)ConcertoMusic is said to be the universal language and has the ability to transcend all our differences. When someone invests their life’s work in this art form, it is often because music has such a powerful hold on them that they can’t think of doing anything else. They are passionate about  music and sharing this amazing art form with others, and are like evangelicals preaching the gospel of great music to all the students that cross their path.

The world lost quite a musical force recently with the passing of John Whitney, known to his friends as JC. He was a tireless advocate of great music;  as a very gifted music educator, trombone player, jazz pianist, arranger, singer, violinist and conductor.  Did I mention talented?

He was a supportive teacher, friend and entrepreneur who created music and possibilities where none had existed before…and we are forever grateful.


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Panorámicos featured on “Not Your Grandmother’s Classical Music”

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SATURDAY OCT 5, 2013 7:30 pm falling….

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OCT 5, 2013, Harkness Chapel concert 7:30 pm on the campus of Case Wesern Reserve University.

fall…autumn, the season for falling in love.

Featured Works:

Mozart Flute Quartet in C

Corigliano Three Irish Folksong Settings for Soprano and Flute

World Premiere by Cleveland Composer, Dr. Jennifer Conner-Darkness, Light

Beethoven Serenade op. 25 in D for Flute, Violin and Viola

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Music Adventure Chamber Music Camp in Tuscany

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Tenuto di Spannochia

Tenuto di Spannochia

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Southern Tier Symphony Concerti

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March 9 and 10, 2013 I will be performing the Lucas Foss Rennaisance Concerto and the Vivaldi C Major Piccolo Concerto, No. 4 in Olean NY with the Southern Tier Symphony, conducted by my old West Genny pal John Whitney.  John started this orchestra ten years ago, and is bringing great music to Southwestern NY where there was no orchestral presence for many years. It’s a unique moment to have one soloist playing two concertos on different instruments on the same program…at first I thought Whitney was trying to kill me, but the two works balance one another quite well.

Lucas Foss was a very naughty composer…full of pranks and musical jokes, twisting musical ideas and beats inside and out, enjoying the game. You can see and hear his impish smile at every turn of the phrase. He based this work on Renaissance composers, dances and ideas, he was very fond of early music and it shows in his craftsmanship (and then  he starts goofing around) so come and be prepared to have a good chuckle. The first movement, Intrada is virtuostic flash and dazzle, balanced with skippy Renaissance dance tunes. The second movement Baroque Interlude, is based on the French composer,Rameau and sounds very early for a 20thC work. Foss captures the dance character beautifully and adds a touch of whit and whimsy with this jaunty tune. The 3rd movement, Recitative is based on the Italian 16th C composer Monteverdi, who was quite an innovative composer, bridging the gap between the Renaissance and Baroque. These earlier composers used repetition and echo quite a bit, Lucas Foss’ treatment of delay in a cathedral is notated for the orchestra in a poignant and colorful way.  There is no melody, there is no rhythm or pulse, and it is hauntingly beautiful. It actually reminds me of loss and grief, the sharp accents that come out of nowhere, the gut wrenching pitch slides, the echoes that resonate deeply yet softly, and suddenly, moments of absolute transcendence. The final movement, Jousissance denotes a blissful romp and frolic of the most enjoyable sort…let your imagination take you away with it’s playful nature and a few surprises along the way (it reminds me of an old Irish drinking song, something about the clover…;)

The Vivaldi Piccolo Concerto in C , No. 4 is a gem…full of energy, poignancy and color. The 2nd movement is the famous Sicilliano, a treasure in the Piccolo repertoire. Don’t be afraid of the piccolo- it’s only a weapon of mass destruction in the wrong hands!

(I wonder if anyone’s reading this)




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Detroit Symphony Orchestra Female Composer Competition

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The Detroit Symphony is sponsoring a competition for female composers….check it out ladies!


The Elaine Lebenbom Annual Memorial Award for Female Composers


The Elaine Lebenbom Memorial Award for Female Composers is granted annually to a living woman composer, of any age or nationality, in the spirit of recognizing and supporting the creation of new orchestral works by women.

The Award recipient will compose an original orchestral work for performance by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra on its Classical Subscription Series. In addition, the winner will receive a cash prize of $10,000. The Elaine Lebenbom Award is the only annual symphony sponsored award in the world exclusively for female composers.

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Why Are There So Few Female Composers

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Quatre Sonnets a Cassandre, Martin F.

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I just stumbled onto another gem – another work recommended by Robért Langevin, Principal Flutist with the New York Philharmonic.  Amours de Ronsard,  for Mezzo Soprano, Flute, Viola and Cello  is the most beautiful work of  the Swiss composer Frank Martin’s I have yet to experience….think Debussy and Ravel with a Renaissance twist.  Looking very forward to performing it on February 5th with Panorámicos at Harkness Chapel in Cleveland.

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